Curly Conversations: How do I Get the Perfect Natural Haircut?

Dear Curl Connoisseur,

I’ve finally committed to going natural with my hair, but once I’ve styled it, it just doesn’t fall the way I want it to. I want to go ahead and get a cut specifically to shape my natural look. Any tips?
— Unshaped & Confused

Personally, as a certified DevaCurl stylist, I tend to love the dry-cutting method, particularly if you wear your hair curly most of the time. It's when your hair is dry and full that I can see the true behaviors of your curls, as well as get the best view of how your full hair will fall. Cutting wet hair simply doesn't allow you to see the full look until after styling, which leaves room for error. If you've found someone who cuts your curly hair the way you want it, that's great.

But what if I'm trying someone new? How do I wear my hair to my appointment?

Come with your hair styled exactly the way you want to wear it. Let your stylist see the curls in the exact spiral and shape you want them to remain. No matter what process you use to style your hair (wash 'n go, twist-out, etc.) it's easier to improve the shape and cut when it's at the style you prefer.

I've been straightening my hair for years, so I've got some heat damage. What do I do then? 

When it comes to damaged hair, there's one thing you'll have to remember - getting that perfect do will take time. One cut and new products wont repair your hair overnight. Start with talking to your stylist. Tell them your hair goals and make a plan. Bring photos and be prepared to start an entirely new home hair care routine, because daily maintenance is key.


In the end, don't be afraid to ask about or look for a certified curl specialist. Having natural hair is a lifestyle and if your hair is affected by lots of different elements, it will require knowledge and care. A specialist can help you with any hair goals you have in mind. Ask for references or a website to make sure your hair is taken care of by the best. 

Have questions about your cut or how to achieve it? Feel free to leave a question in the comments below.