Three Tips for Choosing the Perfect Curly Hair Products

Have you been spending hours on Pinterest, reading about products and trying every new curl perfector product at Target?

There is nothing more disappointing than buying a new product only for it to not work. So how do you decide what to use (and save yourself both money and disappointment)?

Tip #1: Ask Your Stylist

Your stylist has probably played with every type of hair and worked with products that do exactly what you want (without all the trial and error).  Plus they typically have samples you can buy and try to get you started. I always keep different products in my salon, just for this purpose. It's so much easier to invest in new products when you've had experience with them and can see how they work before you buy.

Tip #2: Buy Sample Sizes

Speaking of samples, if you're tempted to buy a new product (and your stylist doesn't have it) go to the internet and see if you can find it in a smaller size. This will be just enough to see if it makes a difference without breaking the bank on another bottle that may end up in the graveyard of abandoned hair products you keep in your bathroom.

Tip #3: Figure out the Best Types of Product for your Hair Type

No matter what type of curl you have, it always work best with natural hair products. Products with lots of fragrance and synthetic ingredients will cause your hair and scalp to dry out, which is one of the worst things for curly hair. That will only lead to flaking and shedding since curls definitely need moisture more than anything.

If your hair is more coily and frizzy, it will benefit a lot from products heavy with oil and butters. If your texture is silkier, lean towards lighter products. 

And when it comes to shampoo? I tend to try and avoid it almost completely. My favorite hair cleanser is the DevaCurl NoPoo, followed by the DevaCurl One Conditioner and the Heaven in Hair Deep Conditioner. I've been using them for almost two years now with good success. 

Of course, if you feel you have to shampoo, seek out a sulphate and paraben-free all natural shampoo without a lot of harsh detergents which dry and strip hair of essential oils and moisture.


The more you understand your hair and what works best for it, the easier it will be to avoid buying useless products and find items that will make a real difference on your natural curls.