Going Natural: Identifying Your Curl Pattern

Have you been thinking about foregoing the chemicals and harsh treatments and finally embrace your fabulous curl?

One of the first steps needed to embrace your natural hair is identifying your texture. Until you know what type of hair you have, you can’t even begin to embrace it.

Unfortunately, texture cannot be categorized. Each individual has their own unique texture. The good news is that typically what you see is what you get. When you go through the basic steps of styling your hair, your natural wave, curl or coil will reveal itself. If you’re looking to get started in the right direction with determining your texture, here are a few categories that you probably fall close to.

Swavey : This type of hair seems straight but can be encouraged to wave, with a slight bend on the ends. It also has low frizz factor, and minimal shrinkage (aka spring factor).

Wavy: Usually has a combined wave and curl,with a tendency to look straight or flat at the roots. You usually have low to medium frizz, and some shrinkage. 

Botticelli: These curls are bulky and wavy in shape. They cascade down and vary in shape and in size. Usually medium to high frizz factor, though it varies from frizz and shrinkage.

Corkscrew: Curls like these are tightly wound coils and small spirals. They appear much shorter and do not reveal the actual length. Has both high frizz, and high shrinkage.

Your actual texture may contain one or MORE of these patterns. It might even be somewhere in the middle. But curls are beautiful and versatile and are what make you different. 

Your curls are uniquely yours so taking the time to get to know your hair will be the key to rocking you and all your naturalness.