How to Maintain Your Curls at the Gym

Nothing ruins a good working out streak like getting your hair done. Nobody wants to invest money or time into the salon and then turn around and sweat it right out! Fortunately, I thought I could share a bit of advice so that you can keep your regularly scheduled gym time, without worrying about the 'do.

Relaxed Hair

This tip is best for those with a relaxed hair and who only shampoo once or twice a week.  My best advice is to wrap your hair up securely with a mesh head wrap (w/ velcro closure) then tie a silk or satin scarf on top. Wear this during your entire workout, and don't remove it at all. Important: avoid cotton at all costs, as it will rob your hair of oils and leave it dry and brittle.

Now, you will still likely sweat and your hair will be wet from after your workout. Keep your mesh wrap and satin scarf on, and slip a shower cap on top. Take a shower with these three layers on your head, then when you're done in the shower, remove both the shower cap and the silk scarf. All that should be on your head is the mesh wrap, as you get dressed and put on your makeup. 

When your hair is completely dry, remove the mesh wrap and comb it down. Your hair should still be straight and have it's original shape and form. This process should last you 3 to 4 gym trips without a need for shampooing or restyling.

Chemically Relaxed Transitioning to Natural Curl

Typically it is easier to maintain a style that is geared toward curly hair instead of straight. For example, flat twists, flexi rod set, or any textured look you choose. To maintain it while working out, keep it twisted,and secured under a silky scarf during your workout and let it completely dry before taking it down to style.

Curly Hair

If you are wearing a Wash & Go, twist out, braid out, etc., try the pineapple method while working out. To see a great example of the pineapple method, visit my instagram page.

I know how tough it is to do anything that could mess up the time and money you put into your hair. But I also know how important it is to stay in shape! With these tips, you should be able to look and feel great inside and out! :)