Products and Steps for Repairing Heat Damage

The questions I get most often as a curl specialist usually involve heat. More specifically, maintaining curls even with the occasional heat style (i.e. blow drying, curling wands, flat irons, hot rollers, etc.)

I always remind my clients that indirect heat is not nearly as damaging because you can control the temperature. Diffusing, deep conditioning, or setting your hair to dry under a hooded dryer is usually not damaging.

And I always say, if you decide to occasionally heat style, look for a professional who has been recommended by a curl specialist or curly-haired friend, and that has had the same service without damage. Ask questions during your consultation. You need to know what they use to proect your hair, and the temperature of the tools they'll be using.

Now, if you have ever experienced heat damage, I recommend trying a couple treatments to see if curls can be restored. My favorite is Deva Curl Heaven in Hair.

For the best results with Heaven in Hair, follow these simple steps:

  1. After cleansing your hair,  apply Heaven in Hair, concentrating on damaged areas. 
  2. Put on a plastic cap on, and sit under a hooded steamer sit for 30 minutes. If you don't have a hooded steamer, you could leave the cap and conditioner on for quite a while, even overnight.
  3. Rinse with cool water. Repeat this treatment up to four times to help repair heat damage.


The next treatment I recommend is Design Essentials Quinoa & Bamboo Hair Repair Collection with Biotin. This is a great product that is paraben and sulfate free. However, it does include shampoo, and in one of my previous posts, I shared some thoughts about shampoo on curly hair - I am not a fan. However this system has worked for repairing damage, and I feel fairly confident recommending it.

For the best results with the Quinoa and Bamboo Repair Set, follow these steps:

  1. Cleanse. Wet your hair thoroughly. Apply a generous amount of Hair Repair Replenishing Shampoo and work into a lather with your fingertips. Rinse hair thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Lightly dry your hair.
  2. Strenghten. Saturate your hair from top to bottom with the Hair Repair Liquid Strengthening Masque and let it sit for five minutes. Do NOT rinse it out.
  3. Seal. Spray the Hair Repair Leave-In Conditioning Sealant on top the masque liberally, coating each strand and combing through to the ends. Let sit for 5 minutes. Again, do NOT rinse it out.
  4. Style as desired!


If you've tried both home and professional heat repair and your hair is still damaged, it may be time for you to put down that flat iron and give your hair a fresh new cut so you can grow beautiful new hair.