Should You Style With Heat?

For the most part, I greatly discourage heat styling if you're a curly girl. But I know on that special occasion or event, a blow out is sometimes the look we lean towards

I have only heat styled my hair once in the past two years. With a good selection of products and lots of precautions, I was happy to say that my curls were left intact. 

How do you keep heat styling from ruining the curls you've been working so hard on? If you have a curl specialist for your hair, someone who you trust and who studies and understands your hair, then you're already ahead of the game. If you don't, then that's a vital step and a decision you won't regret! It's crucial that you entrust your curls to a professional stylist who loves your curls. especially since protecting your hair from heat damage starts in the shampoo bowl. This is one of the very few times when shampoo and silicone is a good thing: shampoo to strip your hair of oils and excess moisture; silicone to coat and protect it.

The Joico Moisture Recovery and Conditioner set is my favorite shampoo and conditioner for heat styling. It's preferred that your hair already be in good condition. Moisture deprived hair that is extremely dry and damaged will likely experience more damage regardless of precautions.

After shampoo and conditioner, I love to follow up with another heat protectant before blow drying (protecting your curls all through the process is our top priority). I use Its A 10 Leave in.


The final protectant should go on just before flat ironing. I use Paul Mitchell Wild Ginger Awapui Oil Treatment. The flat Iron should be set no higher than 130 Degrees to avoid Burning. You will notice smoking. Don't worry, this is the products, not your hair!  

Keep in mind, while these are great products that do a wonderful job protecting curls, you are always take a risk for your beautiful curls every time you heat style. Thankfully your chances are much better with these products in your hair arsenal!