Bangs - Yes... or No?

Let's talk bangs.  

You see them all over Instagram, and I get asked about them all the time. They  can make a boring cut edgy. They bring attention to the eyes. They are flattering on almost all face shapes.

But bangs aren't for everyone and ultimately, you want to get bangs that fit both your daily life and the shape of your face. Not doing so can quickly make bangs become something you'll regret.

For example, square-shaped faces should definitely AVOID wide, heavy, blunt bangs. Why? They'll do nothing but add harsh angles where they don't need to be. Alternatively, a longer side swept bang would soften a square shape.  

A bigger issue, though, when it comes to bangs, is hair texture. Truthfully, curly hair doesn't work well if cut above the eyes. With the right stylist, (such as a curly hair specialist), they can help guide with the bang cut and choice. They'll know how to best shape your curls to create a flattering cut. Never EVER, let anyone cut your bangs when your hair is in a stretched or straightened state. Once you go back to your curls, it'll be a disaster that will need to be fixed!

Bangs Cheat Sheet for the Curly Girl

If you're thinking about getting bangs, be sure to find a curly girl that matches your hair with all of the following:

  • curl texture
  • curl pattern (and density) 
  • face shape

Use Pinterest or Instagram to like/save the examples you really like. And don't forget about the DevaCurl website! They have plenty of resources and examples that might match the look you're going for. Bring those images to your curl specialist for an honest opinion on what will work (and what won't.)

DevaCurl website hair guides and styling advice.


Curly hair styling by the Curl Connoisseur

This curly girl chose bangs that were cut for versatility. Instead of hiding behind her hair, we shaped the area around her face to help her eyes pop. It was a subtle change but it made quite a difference.

Curly hair styling by the Curl Connoisseur

If cut properly, bangs can be very versatile! Don't think you're limited to just one look!

Curly hair styling by the Curl Connoisseur
Curly hair styling by the Curl Connoisseur

If you're dying to see if bangs will work for your face shape, come in and ask! I'm always happy to look at your hair and tell you how to make it everything you want it to be! 

Have questions about your hair? Leave them in the comments below!