Why Can't I find a Stylist to do my Naturally Curly Hair?

Have you ever wondered why it is such a challenge to find a professional stylist who is willing and qualified and experienced with curly/natural hair. Many curly girls have found that the Stylist that had taken care of their hair when they where chemically relaxed, or wearing their hair straight, refused to do their hair in its natural state. Do you wonder WHY?

I get this question often. Don't they teach you to do all hair types in school? Well the answer is no. Most stylists will do curly/ natural hair if you want it straightened, but, beyond that, they are not sure what to do with textured hair. It can be intimidating. Another reason stylists shy away from textured hair is because textured hair care can be very time consuming. Sometimes it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour just to de-tangle the curls. With straight hair, the average appointment is 1 to 2 hours, but textured hair appointment could take up to 5 hours. The products needed to care for textured hair is different from traditional products and they can be very costly. Stylist also turn away textured clients because they may feel it's a trend. Transitioning clients is a challenge because they may have unrealistic expectations of their stylist. Until a curly, coily, or kinky girl is happy with their hair texture, or curl pattern, it's hard for a stylist to satisfy them. In the end a textured hair appointment can be double the price of a straight hair appointment because of all of these factors.

So do your research! Find someone who's focus is textured hair. They should be certified and experienced. Look for certification and credentials, reviews, and a beautiful portfolio. 

If the cost makes you nervous, don't worry! Most curly girls don't visit the salon nearly as frequently as others! You should gain style tips, product knowledge, and hair care recommendations. Every appointment should be an educational experience. When you follow these suggestions you should be able to care for your hair on your own until you need color, or a cut or just want to treat yourself. 

So don't get despondent that there is not a Curly Hair Specialist  on every corner. Simply do a little research and choose wisely. Your curls will thank you. 

Curly hair is unique your salon experience should reflect that. 

Curly hair is unique your salon experience should reflect that.