Rezo Academy Experience

Education Growth Development

Our Style team is always looking for ways to hone our skills. Curly Hair is not a trend or gimmick for us it’s our passion. We started our education with DevaCurl.  We all specialize in Curly hair care and in Dry Curly cutting. We always look for ways to build on our skills, one way to do this is by finding different techniques to cut Curly hair. That brings us to the Rezo Cut Academy.  99% of the curly girls that come threw our door want length and volume. The Rezo cutting technique gives you that. The styling  technique is key also.

You may be wondering so are you guys no longer doing the Deva Cut? Of course we are, Deva is our foundation and everything we learn from this point adds to our skill set, and will enhance our ability and versatility. 

Here’s our Rezo experience.



 Our experience with the Rezo Academy was amazing! Thanks to Nubia and Chris. Thank you