Meet Octavia Curlyhair Specialist

 Octavia is the youngest member of our team. Don't let her age full you she is a very mature and professional stylist. Her skills are amazing. She loves doing natural hair and curly hair in various ways. She's known for her silky blow- outs and precision cuts

She is also a DevaCurl certified specialist. Follow her on instagram @naturallyfeathered

   Here's what she has to say about her experience in this industry.  



I've been in the hair industry for 3 years.
I specialize in natural hair, more specifically Deva curl services and blowouts.
Learning to work with curly hair under Deva curl training has been an eye opener for me.
Being a curly hair specialist allows me to truly enhance the natural beauty of people of all backgrounds.

I love working with curly hair, Curls come in different textures,color,lengths, and styles which makes each curly hair service unique and exciting!  

Meet Dorretta Curlyhair Specialist

Meet Dorretta

 I would like to say Dorretta skills are as colorful as her personality. She's fearless yet highly skilled.

Here's what Dorretta shared about her 34 year long career in the industry. Follow Dorretta on instagram @msrettaross

Since 1983 I have enjoyed helping women look their best from head their head down. I entered this field because of my desire to deliver what clients wanted - beautiful styled and cared for hair. I studied and worked hard to make Cut and Color my signature. Then along came Deva!

This is a dream come true. Being a Curly Hair Specialist has allowed me to take my specialties to a level I could not have imagined. To create and give my clients the Curls, cut, and color they want, with the style that sets them apart is truly amazing. Then to see the glaring eyes and smiles of approval, makes me proud to be a Curly Hair Specialist. WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG DEVA?