Meet Dorretta Curlyhair Specialist

Meet Dorretta

 I would like to say Dorretta skills are as colorful as her personality. She's fearless yet highly skilled.

Here's what Dorretta shared about her 34 year long career in the industry. Follow Dorretta on instagram @msrettaross

Since 1983 I have enjoyed helping women look their best from head their head down. I entered this field because of my desire to deliver what clients wanted - beautiful styled and cared for hair. I studied and worked hard to make Cut and Color my signature. Then along came Deva!

This is a dream come true. Being a Curly Hair Specialist has allowed me to take my specialties to a level I could not have imagined. To create and give my clients the Curls, cut, and color they want, with the style that sets them apart is truly amazing. Then to see the glaring eyes and smiles of approval, makes me proud to be a Curly Hair Specialist. WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG DEVA?


Meet Donna Curlyhair Specialist


 Donna is the Perfectionist on our team. She makes sure every curl is in place and every curl is defined. She's always been passionate about precision cutting on both straight and textured hair.

A little unknown fact about Donna, she's been doing hair since she was 9 years old. To see more of her work follow her on instagram @mariemglad

Here's what Donna shared about her 19 years as a professional stylist. 

In the 19 years of doing hair I have truly been in my dream career because I love doing hair and I love people. I have always had the knack for looking at someone's face and eyes and visualizing what haircut, style, and color that would bring out there features and beauty.

In the last 3 years working with curly hair, and training with DevaCurl has added a whole new level of passion for what I do. Because I love seeing women look in the mirror and say I love my curls, sometimes for the first time in there life.  Being a Curly hair specialist has made my clientele more diverse and exciting and I Love it.


  Donna has been with our team for 19 years her clients are like family. They love and trust her. ( Donna's Profile Photo above is the work of @silverfeatherstudios)