Let Me Introduce Myself

  I introduced myself two years ago in our very first blog. So I wanted to reacquaint myself with you curlies, and introduce myself to new readers. I have been in the hair industry since 1990. I love what I do and I love my Fellow Stylist that I work with presently. We are all dedicated to what we do. I encourage furthering our knowledge regularly and staying in tuned with our clients needs. I like a layed back atmosphere that our diversed clientele can feel at ease, and have the utmost trust in our expertise. We have about 80 years of professional experience in the Hair Care and Beauty industry collectively.

 I value my clients and my profession so I do my utmost to give my clients what they need and what they want while at the same time not compromising the health of their hair.  

 I have worked in different fascist Of this industry. I have worked on platforms at trade shows and I have been a educator. Hands down working one on one with my clients and building relationships with my clients is what I love most. Thank you to all of my clients.  


photo credits   Silver Feather Studios insta @silverfeatherstudios   

photo credits Silver Feather Studios insta @silverfeatherstudios 


Meet Octavia Curlyhair Specialist

 Octavia is the youngest member of our team. Don't let her age full you she is a very mature and professional stylist. Her skills are amazing. She loves doing natural hair and curly hair in various ways. She's known for her silky blow- outs and precision cuts

She is also a DevaCurl certified specialist. Follow her on instagram @naturallyfeathered

   Here's what she has to say about her experience in this industry.  



I've been in the hair industry for 3 years.
I specialize in natural hair, more specifically Deva curl services and blowouts.
Learning to work with curly hair under Deva curl training has been an eye opener for me.
Being a curly hair specialist allows me to truly enhance the natural beauty of people of all backgrounds.

I love working with curly hair, Curls come in different textures,color,lengths, and styles which makes each curly hair service unique and exciting!